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National Catholic Reporter publishes photo essay, story about US-Mexico Border
lisa elmaleh
Jul 8, 2021
This story was featured on July 5th, 2021 on the 3 National Catholic Reporter websites - NCR, Earthbeat, and Global Sisters Report.

Frontera: Where the limits of a wall and the promise of the unknown intersect
Lisa Elmaleh's 8-by-10 camera is so disarming — fit for a prop in an old Western — that the antiquated device grants her access and cooperation where a digital camera would have invited suspicion ...

Lisa Elmaleh Photography

Lisa Elmaleh, 1984, USA, lives in West Virginia, and is a photographer who uses an 8x10 large format camera, the wet plate collodion process, and travels the country in a red pickup truck working in the Everglades and Appalachia.
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